Infra Banking Experts
Austria´s Bank for Infrastructure

Business Model

Kommunalkredit has a clear business model. As a specialist bank, it is well positioned in the rapidly growing market of infrastructure finance. Kommunalkredit acts as a bridge between project sponsors (developers and operators of infrastructure), on the one hand, and institutional investors, such as insurance companies or pension funds, on the other hand. The interests of the two sides complement each other: While infrastructure sponsors require structuring and financing solutions, investors are looking for asset classes with stable cash flows in the long term. 

As a specialist bank for infrastructure, Kommunalkredit is distinguished by a unique combination of strengths: 

  • It combines a profound knowledge of the sector with the structuring know-how and the financing possibilities of a bank. 
  • It has close customer relations on both sides of the bridge – with project sponsors and with institutional investors. 
  • It has an experienced team with an excellent track record in the management of transactions and risks.

Kommunalkredit covers the entire value chain of infrastructure finance – from project structuring to project financing. The bank’s primary focus is on projects in the areas of social infrastructure & communications technology (care homes, health care and educational facilities, administrative buildings, broadband), transport (commuter transport, road and rail transport, airports, ports), and energy and the environment (especially sustainable sources of energy).