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Being a reliable partner for infrastructure projects, Kommunalkredit has firmly embedded sustainability in its business model, a fact that is clearly reflected in our mission statement: “Kommunalkredit ensures sustainable success for projects in areas such as energy & environment, social infrastructure & communications technology and transport.” Sustainability in the sense of acting in such a way as to achieve an economic, social and ecological balance constitutes the basis for everything we do.Since 1997, Kommunalkredit has been operating an environmental management system in accordance with EMAS principles, which has been further developed to provide a holistic sustainability management system. 

At Kommunalkredit, sustainability in practice means:

  • With our business model, we make a contribution to the sustainable development of our society.
  • We communicate actively with our stakeholders.
  • We succeed as a team: Skilled and committed employees are our key to success
  • We are mindful in our use of resources such as paper, waste, energy and time

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