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Focus Area: Economic Issues

Being a reliable partner for infrastructure projects, Kommunalkredit has firmly embedded sustainability in its business model. We implement infrastructure projects by acting as a bridge between project developers and investors. Our subsidiary Kommunalkredit Public Consulting provides management services to public-sector clients. 

Sustainability in our business activities

As a specialist bank for infrastructure projects, Kommunalkredit assists its customers and partners by providing advice on, structuring, arranging, financing and implementing infrastructure projects. 

Drawing on years of experience and competence in fields such as energy & environment, social infrastructure, and transport, we cover all key aspects of life and are there to help and assist in all stages of an investment project (from the original idea to the finished project). 

Life cycle models are a good case in point. Unlike with conventional procurement, all project phases, from planning to construction to operation, including financing, are evaluated in detail. Painstakingly taking all factors that impact a project into account is key to achieving sustainable success. 

With Climate Austria, a product offered by Kommunalkredit Public Consulting for the voluntary compensation of CO2 emissions, we contribute not only to climate protection in Austria, but add value at the same time. 


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