Infrastructure & Energy Finance.

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Why infrastructure?

Megatrends such as decarbonisation, digitalisation and investments for an ageing population have rapidly accelerated the increasing demand for infrastructure. The international and national goals associated with the Green Deal bring the need for sustainable investments even more to the fore. Infrastructure and energy financing have stable recovery rates that are independent of the economic cycle, including a low risk of default.

Focus on Infrastructure & Energy.

Financing of infrastructure projects has changed significantly in recent years. There is a shift from traditional public sector budget financing towards private financing. And institutional investors are increasingly looking for alternative investment opportunities. The world is changing. Let's seize the opportunity to shape it in a positive way.

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Seizing opportunities.

Successful projects across Europe are the foundation of our strong position in the European infrastructure and energy market. Whether in the development of innovative hydrogen technologies, the financing of water utilities, the expansion of photovoltaic plants and solar parks, the construction of wind farms, the implementation of broadband projects or the provision of high-tech equipment in the healthcare sector.

Our sectors.

Our markets.

"Infrastructure knows no borders."