Creating a better
everyday life.

We connect people – in schools and universities, in hospitals and support/care institutions, in railway stations and on roads.

We connect over 33.5 million people with one another with telecommunication technology.

We contribute to the education of around 4,100 students.

We equip 256,000 households with an efficient heating and cooling energy system.

We develop the refuelling infratsructure for electromobility with around 28,000 charging stations.

We enable transport solutions for 27 million passengers per year.

We create support institutions for around 42,500 patients.

We create accomodation for more than 8,900 elderly and disabled people.

We enable around 5.2 million households to use renewable energy each year.

We contribute to eliminating 4.1 million tonnes of waste.

We supply drinking water to 17 million people.

* 01/2017 - 12/2023

Success Stories.