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Sustainability ratings

Kommunalkredit Austria AG:
First financial service provider in Europe with EMAS certificate (awarded in 1997) 

imugSustainability Rating:
positive (B)

imugPublic sector Covered Bonds:
very positive (A)


Kommunalkredit has several CSR ratings from renowned rating agencies:

The oekom rating agency currently rates Kommunalkredit
as a “PRIME” company. oekom PRIME status is awarded
to companies that are ranked among the best of their sector
within the framework of oekom’s corporate rating and meet
the sector-specific minimum requirements. Holders of oekom
PRIME status have the right to call
their issues “green”.
Kommunalkredit Austria AG’s debt instruments are rated
by the imug rating agency. The public sector covered
bonds issued by Kommunalkreit Austria AG have been
assigned a “very positive” rating, which qualifies them
as particularly good in terms of sustainable financing. With a
score of 79.51% for its PSC bonds, Kommunalkredit has
the best rating among the 12 Austrian issuers of PSC bonds
rated by imug. Currently, imug regularly analyses and rates
approx. 70 German and European issuers of
bank bonds and covered bonds.
Sustainalytics, a rating agency comparable to oekom,
applies an absolute rating approach and rates
Kommunalkredit’s sustainability as above-average.
rfu is an Austrian company specialising in sustainable
investment and sustainability analysis. The methodology
designed by rfu, one of the most sophisticated procedures
for the external societal and ecological evaluation
of companies, is applied every year to hundreds of equities
and bond issuers all over the world. A sustainability rating
is assigned after a profound analysis based on the evaluation
of about 100 positive and negative criteria regarding the
company’s stakeholders, employees, customers, partners
and investors as well as its position relative to society
and the environment. The best-rated companies are awarded
“rfu qualified” status and included in rfu’s sustainable investment universes available to institutional investors
for the composition of their sustainable portfolios.


Kommunalkredit’s annual Sustainability Report meets the G4 Standard of the Global Reporting Initiative.

Please note that we are not allowed to publish the rating reports. However, you are free to contact the rating agencies.


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